Julius Peppers vs Charles Johnson 2011 Through Week 3

By Mr. CatWalker On September 29th, 2011 in Player News /

If anybody knows me, which most don’t since this blog was just started back in May, I was a huge Julius Peppers supporter and one of my boys at Dafalconsnest.com was trying to convince me that Peppers needed to stay in Carolina.  I told him, I hated to see Peppers go but I loved to watch him leave.  We didn’t need to sweat that player because he wasn’t all that.  His fit in Carolina was better no doubt but I think our defense is better off without him.

He thought at the end of the season I would be crying about the departure of Peppers but at the end, my tune was the same, “forget that rascal, we don’t need him!!!!”

According to ESPN, the infamous Julius Peppers is ranked at the 25th best defensive player with 6 tackles and 2 sacks in 2011 through week 3 but our own Charles Johnson is ranked 12th with 11 tackles and 3 sacks, half of where Peppers is ranked.  So now that Peppers is gone, we are getting more production from Johnson.  While Peppers was in Carolina John Fox wouldn’t give Johnson the playing time he needed but I knew from the limited time Johnson got he would get some decent production.  However I never thought he would outperform a Julius.

Julius has a veteran line supporting him with the Bears but Johnson has a very young line and he is leading the reigns.  So this blog post is to Charles Johnson the one guy that analyst didn’t have a clue about.