Carolina Panthers Offensive Line Isn’t as Bad as Sacks Show

By Mr. CatWalker On October 27th, 2011 in Team News /

After I looked at the sacks laid on Cam Newton in his first 7 games of the 2011 I was the first to say that the offensive line hasn’t been doing a good of protecting him.  I wasn’t surprised by the amount of times that Newton has been sacked because for the past few years the offensive line hasn’t held up good against the pass rush.  That is one of the reasons why Jake Delhomme was injured a few years back and the main reason why he is gone and the reason Jimmy Clausen didn’t have success last year.  Well in Jimmy Clausen’s case it wasn’t completely on the offensive line.

In the 7 games of the 2011 season Cam Newton has been sacked 15 times.  At first sight it looks like the line has missed massive assignments but when you look into the numbers the offensive line hasn’t done too bad.  When you consider the amount of passes attempted the Panthers are above average in pass protection ranked 15th.  Out of 252 pass attempts the stats show that the Carolina Panthers offensive gave up sacks 5.95% of the time.  Moving forward the line is going to have to give better pass protection if the team wants to make a run.  Although making a run for the playoff looks out of the question but if they can win Sunday’s game they will be 3-5 and they will probably only need to win 6 games after the bye week. So making the playoffs is still in reach but a lost Sunday will make it near impossible for them to make it to the post season.

The offensive line looks even stronger when they run the ball ranking them at 8th overall which is a big jump from the high 20’s a month ago.  The only problem is the Panthers have only attempted to 166 times.  10 teams have tried to run more time than the Panthers but you expect more running attempts as the season continues since teams will be looking to stop Cam.  Now teams are starting to figure out that they can’t keep stacking the box daring the Panthers to beat them with the pass because Cam will zip the ball in 1 on 1 coverage.

If the Panthers can have the same success in rushing attempts by running more then you can expect them to have a lopsided game by holding onto the ball a lot longer.  Plus running more will take some of the contact away from Cam that he has been taking.  These stats are up to the week 7 game of the 2011 season.

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